Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you probably have many questions about what to do. We represent employees whose injuries arise from all types of employment.  Here at Cornfield and Feldman our workers’ compensation department has decades of experience that will help you resolve your claim.

The following are frequently asked questions:

1. Can I sue my employer if I am injured at work as a result of my employer’s negligence?
2.  Are all accidents at work covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act?
3.  Should I use my sick and/or vacation time if I am injured at work?
4.  To what benefits am I entitled while off work because of an injury?
5.  How do I ensure that I am paid promptly when I am off work?
6.  How much money should I be paid while I am off work?
7.  For how long should I receive these benefits?
8.  Will I need to file a grievance regarding an injury at work?
9.   If I am injured, what should I do?
10. Do I have to go for treatment where my employer sends me?
11. Are there any restrictions regarding the medical care I receive for an injury?
12. Do I have to pay any part of these medical bills?
13. What happens if the company doctor and my treating doctor disagree about my need to remain off work or the course of treatment?
14. When do I need an attorney?
15. Can I get money damages for my injury at work?

If you need answers to any of these questions or others, we invite you to call us
at 312-236-7800 or 1-800-621-3821 for a free consultation.

Attorney Jim Vainikos heads our workers comp department
Hazardous work may cause compensable injuries (U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA)

Hazardous work may result in compensable
injuries  (photo by Tomas Castelazo/Wikipedia)
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