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Cornfield and Feldman is a Chicago-based union-side labor law firm with a national

and Illinois practice and a distinctive history. Our attorneys have represented
workers and their unions for more than 50 years. Our commitment to excellence is
recognized by our listing in We believe that unions and their
members need and deserve legal representation of the highest caliber and that a
strong labor movement is an indispensable part of a modern democratic society.

Unions provide a check on corporate power in the economic and political spheres.
They are the only social institutions that enable working men and women to
participate meaningfully in workplace decisions that affect their income, their safety,
and their dignity. At a time when collective bargaining is under attack, we actively
affirm and vigorously defend this fundamental right.

Our clients, like ourselves, are committed to a vision of the labor movement as part
of a larger struggle toward a fairer, more just society. We are proud of those clients
and that vision.

Workers enter Pullman plant, Chicago, 1893
(National Humanities Center)
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Representing workers and their unions for more than 50 years